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Getting Started: Residential Builder Registration Check

The purpose of this form is to create a new residential builder account in the New Home Buyer Protection System and to create a user who will administer that account in the system. This form is meant to be used by residential builders who do not yet have a residential builder account in the New Home Buyer Protection System.

To ensure that your company does not already exist in the New Home Buyer Protection System, please enter your company’s full legal name in the field below. The full legal name of your company will be used as the name of the residential builder account.

The company name entered here cannot be changed during the account creation process. For this reason, please ensure the company name is entered correctly; otherwise, you will have to restart the process.

Possible Matches
Company Name Mailing Address

Do not continue the registration process if your company is listed above – it means that you may already have a NHBPS account and you can use the Municipal Affairs' application portal MAConnect to login.

Click continue only if you don't see yourself listed above.

Please provide the following information about your company.

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Physical Address
Mailing Address
Physical & mailing addresses are:
Authorized Agent

Please provide the name and contact information of the person who will act as the Authorized Agent of the Company. This individual will be responsible for maintaining the Builder Profile and ensuring that the information supplied on Builder Licence Applications is accurate. This individual will also be the New Home Buyer Protection Program's point-of-contact for the organization. The Authorized Agent of the Company must be assigned the role of Administrative User within the New Home Buyer Protection System.

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Person in Control

Please identify an individual who is legally in control of the organization.

This includes individual owners, partners or company shareholders (directors) and individuals who have 25% or more of company shares.

Additional Persons in Control (i.e. Board of Directors) can be added to your company's profile once the account is created.

The Person in Control is:
Person of Authority

Please identify the person of authority from within your company (e.g., Owner, Co-Owner, Director, President, Vice President, etc.) who is authorizing this request.

The Person of Authority is:
Account Administrator

The information entered here will be used to create a user who will administer the residential builder account. The administrative user will be able to request account access for additional users and create residential builder accounts for additional companies.

The account administrator can be the Authorized Agent, Person in Control, Person of Authority, or someone else. MAConnect login credentials will be provided to this user.

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The person that will require access to the NHBPS is:

Please review the information below before submitting the request, the Company and NHBPS sections in particular.
Company Information
Legal Name
Doing Business As
Physical Address
Mailing Address
Same as Physical
Builder Type
Authorized Agent
Person in Control
Person of Authority
Account Administrator


The email address provided will be used as the login name for MAConnect.

Thank You!

We have successfuly received your request.

The person that you have identified as the NHBPS user will receive an email notification once the request has been approved by a NHBPS representative and the new user account has been activated in Municipal Affairs' application portal MAConnect.